The short answer: My relationship with time and how I was managing it.
The long answer: I have always loved stationery, a designer for more than 23 years and a devotée of paper and pen. I love writing notes, lists and ticking them off but what really inspired me when it came to HELLO TIME was that I wanted to fix a problem that no other product, from my research and experience, was able to do.

I had an unhealthy daily existence with time. I almost found ‘time’, was always in direct conflict with what I was trying to achieve. I was having a daily battle with it. I would finish each day more disorganised than when I started. Time freaks me out, still does if I allow it to.


The story so far...

I’d had enough of the endless passwords, battery charge points, hunting for WIFI, rushing from place to place, arriving late. Why was time so cruel to me, why couldn’t I manage it, why was it always later in the day than I wanted it to be?

At the time I was putting my appointments, meetings, and to-do lists in a week-to-view diary, using a crazy made-up system that pushed me to my limits and overwhelmed me every day. I was running two businesses and carrying around a notebook, a to-do list, scraps of paper with notes on and a layout pad. I was always playing catch-up, tired and late!

Carrying around all these items each day only added to my anxiety. There had to be a better way. Something had to change.


A unique, all-in-one planner...

I needed to start looking after ME, my schedule, my to-do list, my notes, my appointments and my relationship with time. I looked for a book that had everything I needed in one, so I could keep everything together, in
one place, to achieve some balance and order in my life.

Sadly, I could only find planners with systems, lots of structure, extra prompts and information to fill in that would only add more admin to my day!

I just didn’t have the time or the headspace for all of this and as much as I love stationery I grew out of stickers some time ago. I wanted something stylish to take to meetings, something grown up, but above all, everything in one place. If I wanted to help myself and others manage their time better, then, I had to start from scratch.

In 2016 as a director at I designed and co-developed a planner which took 2 years of research, design, development and production. We called it the HELLO TIME Planner. The trademark and production of HELLO TIME now comes under the umbrella of my design business, Alilia Studio and is printed and bound in the UK.

Nowadays, my to-do list for each day is more realistic, my time is more organised, and my notes are all in one place. I have greater satisfaction, a better balance and more time for me.

Ok, I’m still a little late from time to time but we are all work in progress, right?


How can HELLO TIME help you?

We want others who want to manage their time better to look at our
planner and be consciously aware of ‘their time’, The ‘HELLO TIME
brand name acts as a natural break from the daily chaos and invites you to take a deep breath and say “HELLO” to the most precious thing we have, a reminder to use it well!

The way we allow you to organise life’s most valuable asset is to give you the most beautifully designed, simple-to-use, easy-to-follow layout on the market. A time planner that gives you that calm space to plan your time, however you want and un-dated so you can start whenever you are ready.

Challenging that idea that we simply have too much to do and not enough time to do it.

Don’t wake up each day feeling anxious, too stressed and lost in the daily myriad of stuff that needs to get done, never feeling that sense of achievement or satisfaction.

I’ve been there, I didn’t think too much of it!